BNDC Elite Company

The Elite Company comprises of serious, dedicated, and talented dancers devoting over 5 hours per week to dance technique and competitive choreography.

Elite Company members participate in a variety of performance settings including regional/national dance competitions, dance conventions, master classes, photo shoots, and community events. 

We aim to provide opportunities and experiences for young dancers that will enrich their growth and development in the world of performing arts. BNDC is dedicated to creating strong, healthy, and cultured young artists. 

The Elite Company is chosen by audition process in the Spring, and is comprised of multiple groupings, in which members are separated by a combination of age and skill level.

Interested in joining the Elite Company?

-Ballet is a MUST!!! Consider keeping up with your dance training, take as many classes as you can manage in preparation for auditions.

-Ask questions! If you are not sure about what you need to work on to increase you chances, ask an instructor. We would be happy to guide you.

-This is a HUGE commitment both financially and time wise. Make sure you are prepared to drop many other activities to accommodate the Elite Company's demanding schedule!

-Everyone won’t make the team as with all audition processes…we look for dancers who can come together and best fit as a dance troupe. We consider the age, height, skill set, and technique of each dancer that auditions. However, we are happy to guide your journey to becoming a part of the Elite Company when the time is right.

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