Primary Classes

For tiny dancers, see class descriptions below. Please contact us with any questions regarding class placement.

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Creative Movement

Ages 2-4

This is a fun introductory dance class for tiny movers! Lessons focus on pre-ballet technique (such as positions and elementary movement), basic locomotor skills, rhythm, stretching, imaginative dance games, obstacle courses, and basic tumbling. Students have the opportunity to dance with a variety of props every class. This class is ideal for beginner students and a wonderful way to socialize toddlers in a structured, safe environment.

Requirements:      Dancers must be potty-trained


Combo I Ballet/Tap

Ages 3-5

This class combines 30 minutes of Ballet and 30 minutes of Tap for an hour of dance fun! Each class is catered to both beginning dancers and those with dance experience. The Ballet portion focuses on a more in-depth approach to pre-ballet emphasizing correct body placement, elementary Ballet movement, terminology, and combinations. The Tap portion introduces rudimentary tap steps, rhythms, patterns, and combinations. 

Requirements:         None



Ages 6-8

A classic combo class for older children with both beginner to intermediate dance experience.  The Tap portion introduces rudimentary tap steps, rhythms, patterns, weight shifting, and combinations. In Jazz, students learn basic Jazz steps, jumps, leaps, and turns. For these students, more technique and terminology is taught along with introductory combinations of choreography than the Combo I levels.

Requirements:         None



Ages 6-8

For young dancers that love Ballet and want to try a similar dance style, this class is perfect! Classes focus on 30 minutes of Ballet technique, and 30 minutes of Lyrical. Lyrical is a dance style with a strong Ballet foundation incorporating more fluid, and modern movements to express the emotion and lyrics of music. Improvisation is often taught in classes to encourage dancers to find their inner expressions. This is a great class for young dancers wanting to take Contemporary classes in the future.

Requirements:         None


COMBO III Jazz/Hip Hop

Ages 7-10

This class is for the most energetic young dancers! Combining classic American Jazz dance styles with the popular styles of Hip Hop makes this class one jam packed hour of fun. Dancers will learn both styles independently as well as a combination of Jazz and Hip Hop known as Jazz Funk. Dancers find their groove and their own individual style in this awesome combination class.

Requirements:          None


Acro/tumbling I

Ages 7 & up

This class is teaches safe techniques in flexibility, basic tumbling, and acrobatic skills. How this differs from traditional gymnastics is the dancers are trained to incorporate dance technique, proper lines, and to execute phrases rhythmically with music. An included equipment fee is attached to all Acro/Tumbling classes.

Requirements:          None

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