Studio Policies 2019-2020

Please Read the Studio Policies carefully. Once you sign your agreement, you are bound to the rules and regulations of BNDC stated below. 


•       There is a $30 per family registration fee at the start of each Fall/Spring season. Summer registration fee is $20.

•       The first tuition payment must be made before attending classes.

•       A students space in a class is not reserved until registration and first tuition payment is received.


•       Tuition for the Fall/Spring season is due the 1st of every quarter (September, December, and March). A late tuition charge of $25.00 is applied for all tuition received after the 7th of the month.

•     Monthly payment options are available, however, YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR AUTO-PAY.  

•       We accept the following payment methods: Cash, Check, Credit, Debit or Money Order.

•       Checks should be made out to: Barre None Dance Company. For all returned checks there is a $35.00 return check fee.

•       There is a 3% additional charge for ALL credit card transactions.

•       You must be current on all tuition to receive costumes for the Spring Concert, and to participate in Dress Rehearsal and the Spring Concert performance.

•       If a student falls more than 2 months behind on tuition they will not be allowed to participate in class until their account is settled and/or updated.

•       An automatic tuition payment option is available to sign up for at any time. You may register for automatic payments online or by phone.

•       Once registered, the total tuition amount must be paid as scheduled.


•       There are no refunds for any tuition, fee, costume payment, or performance fees after students register for classes. Credits are situational and only available to the discretion of the Director.

•       Refunds may be issued only if the studio must cancel a class due to low enrollment and another class is not an option for the student. Please see class enrollment for further detail.  

•       Sibling discounts are available to all students. We discount 10% off each additional siblings total tuition per month.  This offer is valid only to siblings 18 years of age and younger who reside in the same household.

•       A 10% discount is applied for tuition paid in full for the entire season & 10% of one months tuition for referring a friend.

•       Discounts may not be combined.


Promotional Students

•       If you purchase an online promotional deal (Groupon, Living Social, etc.) please note the following:

•       Online promotional deals are for FIRST TIME customers only. We will not honor vouchers for current students or a repeat promotion for the same student.

•       You may redeem only ONE type of promotional deal if we run multiple deals with various companies. 

•       Promotional students are ineligible to participate in any studio performances. If you would like to be a part of the Spring Concert, you may register and pay necessary fees as a full time student to begin at the end of your promotional run.

•       There are no credits issued for unused vouchers.

•       Class sizes are limited; priority is given to FULL TIME students for spaces in classes.

•       The make-up class policy does NOT apply to promotional students.


Class Dress Code

•       Students are expected to arrive to class ready to dance. Dressing rooms are conveniently located in the studio for customer use.

•       All dancers must follow the class dress code accordingly. Please make sure you carefully read the dress code prior to the start of class.

•       Any student improperly dressed for class will not be permitted to participate.

•       BNDC’s online store provides ALL necessary attire for classes.


Class Enrollment

•       The class limit for each class is 12-20 dancers depending on which studio the class is located. If a class is full, you may sign up on a waiting list in case an enrolled student drops out. After December, the waiting list will be voided.

•       The minimum for each class is 5 students. If by the start of October a class does not enroll more than 5 students, it will be cancelled and the current students of that class will be added to another class. 

•       Students paying full tuition will get priority spacing over promotional students.

•       You must meet the age requirement for the class by November 1 of that year. Any student falling under the age requirement may only take a higher level class to the discretion of the instructors and Director.


 Make-up Classes

•       All students are limited to 6 make-up classes for the full season if they are absent for their registered class. If there are any missed classes due to inclement weather, students may makeup the class the following week. If this should happen, email notices will go out reminding everyone to attend a make-up class the following week.

•       Students may take ANY age appropriate class for a make-up; it does not have to be the same dance style.

•       There are no make-up classes offered in April or May due to Concert preparation in each class.



•       BNDC expects all dancers to demonstrate excellent behavior at all times. Dancers must be respectful to instructors, assistants, parents, and fellow dancers. Rude behavior, inappropriate language, horseplay, bullying, and tantrums will NOT be tolerated.

•       If any behavior issues arise, parents will be contacted immediately. No dancer should be talking in class unless the instructor permits them to. Any disruptions in class greatly affects everyone involved. 

•       The Director has the right to suspend or dismiss any student from the studio. Such action is rare, however, may be dealt for reasons including but not limited to: constant negative/disruptive behavior from parent or dancer; accumulating too many absences or tardies; violent behavior/language; and delinquency on tuition. 


Studio Etiquette

•       Parents must inform the studio management if they are running late to class. Doors will close 10 minutes after the start of class. The instructor reserves the right to refuse the student entry to class. Please be on time.

•       Street shoes, food, and beverages are not permitted inside the studios.

•       Cell phones, other devices, toys, and any other goods from home are not permitted in the studios. For teens, cell phones must be on silent and put away in a dance bag outside the studio for the duration of class.

•       For younger students, parents are responsible for making sure they use the restroom before and/or after class. We encourage parents of children under 6 to stay in the lobby for the duration of class.

•       All parents with children under 7 must come inside the facility to pick up your dancer. For their safety, no student under 7 will be allowed to exit the building unattended by a parent.

•       BNDC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Anything left in the studio’s after class will be placed in the lost and found. Please keep track of all items. Make sure all dance shoes are labeled on the inside with the students name as shoes are most frequently lost or mixed up among dancers.

·       ANY PROPERTY DAMAGE INCURRED BY STUDENTS TOTALING OVER $100 IN REPAIRS WILL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PARENT. Please help us reinforce respect and proper behavior to your children while in the dance studio. Running and horseplay is strictly prohibited.

Spring Concert

•       Spring Concert preparations begin at the start of the season in September. Please be prepared to follow through on all due dates and keep track of events.

•       Costume fees are due at the time of registration for all students. Costume fees range from $75-$90 per costume. This does not include additional fees for accessories such as tights, dance shoes, undergarments, etc. For combination classes, the instructor will choose one of the dance styles they learn to perform for the show.

•       Tickets, business ads, and program well wishes go on sale in March. These items are first come first serve. Seating is limited for the Concert so it is important to plan to purchase tickets early.

•       Dress Rehearsals are extremely important for a successful show. Attendance to all rehearsals before the Concert is MANDATORY. 


•       There will be countless notices, emails, newsletters, and general information being sent out via email. BNDC is a green, eco-friendly business and will use minimal paper for communications; Please make sure we have your correct email address so you are receiving all information.

•       If you are a Gmail user, our newsletters will show up in your Promotions tab. Please mark as important so you do not miss them! Other users, please check Spam folders or Junk mail if you are not seeing our newsletters.

•       Don’t forget to Like Us on Social Media! We post quick updates on class cancellations, reminders, and upcoming events on our page often.

•       Please visit our other social media sites for news, photos, links, and other content.

•       Parents are responsible for keeping track of dates, events, and updates. Please refer to our studio calendar. We do not follow ALL of Henrico County School closings.


Online Store

•       Our online store is a convenient one stop shop for all your needs. You can purchase dance wear, tights, and shoes for class. Items will be delivered to the studio available for pick up. For dance clothing, follow typical sizing of street clothes (Small- sizes 4-6, Medium- sizes 8-10, Large sizes 12-14, etc.). Studio Logo wear is also available.

•       If you are at the studio, you may purchase items through the office administrator as well. Items cannot be returned once ordered. Exchanges only.

•       Some items such as Ballet leotards will be required to be purchased from the online store unless other attire has been approved by the Director.




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